Core Market

Rentech Nitrogen has two fertilizer production facilities with distinct product markets.

East Dubuque Facility

Our East Dubuque Facility, whose principle products are ammonia and UAN, is located in the center of the Mid Corn Belt, the largest market in the United States for direct application of nitrogen fertilizer products. The Mid Corn Belt includes the States of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and Ohio. The States of Illinois and Iowa have been the top two corn producing states in the United States1 according to the National Corn Growers Association. Our core market consists of the area located within an estimated 200-mile radius of our facility. In most instances, our customers purchase our nitrogen products at our East Dubuque Facility and then arrange and pay to transport them to their final destinations by truck.

Trucks lined up to load during ammonia application season.
Our loading system can handle between 10 and 11 trucks per hour. Each truck holds up to 40,000 pounds of product.

Pasadena Facility

Our Pasadena Facility, located along the Houston Ship channel, produces primarily ammonium sulfate. Because of its broad crop applicability, ammonium sulfate has a wide customer base. Along with corn, ammonium sulfate can be applied to multiple crops such as soybeans, wheat, potatoes, cotton, canola, and alfalfa. Our core U.S. market lies west of the Mississippi River. The majority of our international demand is currently in South America, primarily Brazil, which is the largest worldwide consumer of ammonium sulfate. Brazil’s demand for ammonium sulfate is driven by its acidic soils which lack the necessary sulfur content to promote robust plant growth.

1 For the last twenty years ended December 31, 2010.